Bring in spring with these cleaning ideas for your home.


  1. No problem. Removing your shoes before entering your home reduces the amount of dirt and pollen you track in.
  2. Pillow Talk. Wash your pillow covers every couple of weeks. Wash pillows every two – three months and replace them every two – three years.
  3. Ditch the vinyl. Vinyl shower curtains attract mold and mildew, so replace vinyl curtains with nylon ones.
  4. Dust in the wind. Avoid spreading dust into the air with traditional dusters, dampen a microfiber cloth. They grab and trap dust, while leaving little behind.
  5. Tackle the clutter. Wipe away the dust on books and objects on shelves, then wipe down the shelf. Vacuum closet floors to clean out any fabric, hair and skin that settled there.
  6. Remember the stuffed animals. Stuffed animals can harbor dust mites, you can steam clean them, use an upholstery attachment to vacuum them, or even freeze them in freezer bags for 24 hours to prevent buildup.
  7. Look for mold. Check dishwashers, drains, basements or other spaces that can harbor humidity. Ventilate bathrooms, pantries and rooms that often feel stale and humid by opening a window or turning on a fan.
  8. What is in your refrigerator? Check expiration dates and toss food older than a few months. Pull out drawers and wash them with hot, soapy water, then dry them prior to replacing. Wipe the doors and sides and double check the front grill to make sure it’s free of dust.
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  9. Bathe/groom your hairy family members. Bathing and grooming can help control any dust, dander and hair pets leave behind.
  10. Refresh your rugs. Rugs hold more dust than any other place in the house, so vacuum and if possible, shampoo them. Make sure they’re completely dry before using them, as wet rugs collect more dirt, dust and grow mold.

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