Buyer Must Knows

"How will you keep us up-to date on new listings?"

In this market time is more of the essence than ever before. We leverage technology to create auto-searches with your criteria you’ve provided about your dream home. These searches allow us to choose an option of being updated the moment a property is listed on the MLS or daily at 4 am.

"What's the best website to use to search for homes?"

If you are buying a home in Houston, TX the ONLY website you should be using is (FYI it’s actually been awarded the #1 MLS in the United States multiple times). The reality is that every other site that shows listings, pull the listings from HAR, and that takes time, too much time. If you want to get up-to-date and most accurate information, is the only way to go.

"Can you help me find a new construction home?"

Yes, we regularly represent buyers of new construction. It is vital to have a trusted real estate consultant in your corner. We’ve seen it all too much, and cannot stress the importance of having your own agent, no matter how much the new homes salesman might try to convince you otherwise. Shouldn’t you have someone representing your best interests too?

"So, how does a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) work?"

Homeowners trying to sell their home without agent representation are usually doing so because they think they will save money. Most FSBO’s will gladly work with a buyer who is represented by an agent. If you see a potential home that is a FSBO, just send us the address and number and we can set up the showing.

“What do I need to apply for a mortgage?”

1. A credit report

This is obtained by the lender. Do not pull your own report since the lender will require that they obtain their own copy.

2. Identification

The lender needs you to bring in a valid Driver’s License or Permanent Resident Card (if applicable), Passport (if applicable) and Social Security Card.

3. Income Tax Information

Last 2 years of personal income tax returns (all pages including forms W-2 and/or 1099 from all employers) and business tax returns as well if it is the case.

4. Bank Statement and Pay Stubs

Most recent bank, savings, and 401(k) statements (all pages, front and back if it is applicable). Your most recent pay stubs covering 30 consecutive days.



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