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Market Knowledge

I’m a numbers Guy and I love data. I can’t get enough of it and I love sharing what I find. In this market, you have to be borderline obsessed just to stay up-to-date and I wouldn’t be representing my clients to the fullest if I wasn’t in the know.

The Guy has a System

Proven Digital Marketing Plan

Remember the data part from above? Well we were serious even when it comes to our marketing. The systematic and consistent approach we literally know what works and what doesn’t.

The Best Real Estate Photography

We only work with the very best to capture the best images possible of your home. Every image we create includes our own style that brings eye popping light and depth to every image. Lighting is everything to a photograph and we use that rule to the fullest. With our technique we have the ability to focus the consumer’s eye throughout our photographs and video. This further engages the audience with the goal of creating an emotional connection to the property.

Home Staging

Staged homes sell faster and for more money. Staging seeks to optimize the selling power of any house by arranging the furnishings and possessions in a way that makes the house even more appealing to the buyer. You want to highlight the house’s best features and to down play any possible distractions. We provide a positive first impression for the buyer entering their potential new home. A series of positive impressions will set the tone for their tour. That all leads up to emotionally connecting the buyer to the home.


To be honest, our marketing plan is not a cookie-cutter system or process, but more of an alive and breathing organism that changes and adapts as needed to best suit our objectives for our listings. A lot of our listings require some more creative & targeted marketing ideas . I’d love to tell you more  about it but that’d be like Coca-Cola sharing it’s recipe. We don’t mind sharing, just schedule an in-house consultation with us and we’ll show you our bulletproof system.



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