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Nina was raised in Oak Forest, but she isn’t ready to get her own place yet. She is looking for another roommate like her, that enjoys the hustle and bustle of being near the city.


She is a 6 year old Cypress native. She comes with a traditional side that includes a formal space for holiday meals, and can accommodate 6 adults comfortably. She likes landscaping her front yard, and has done a good job at it. She collects and uses her own rainwater for it, and the outcome has been phenomenal.


She is a well established 10 year old, from the Southern side of Houston, looking for a suitor. She has an open floor plan, and is open to meeting a few people.


Age is nothing but a number to her.  She is young at heart, and isn’t afraid to show it. She is a lover of sports, animals, and social gatherings.


Carina enjoys the good life that Humble has to offer. She grew up in the area, and still calls it Home. She is looking for someone to come along and sweep her away with little things. Like flowers, movie nights or even star gazing.

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