Here are some tips to get buyers to fall head over heels for your winter listing!


  • Turn on the HEAT – You want your prospective buyer/tenant to feel at home in your house. You want them focused on living there, not on how cold they are.
  • Market the warmth – When listing homes, I like to cater to the current season. For example: in the fall/winter months, feature a photo of that fireplace or candles to convey the same inviting feeling that will entice buyers/tenants to curl up in your house during the winter.
  • Don’t forget about the curb appeal –When the weather is gloomy landscaping can be a burden. Making sure the yard is free from any leaves or debris, will prevent buyers/tenants from thinking about this daunting task. It also leaves a clear welcoming path for them to approach their potential new home.
  • Offer warm drinks! – I like to set out an instant warm drink station, for buyers to sip on while touring the house. Coffee, cider and hot chocolate are all good ways to make a buyer feel cozy in your home. I put out plenty of to-go cups, along with cream and sugar packets.

They just may end up using that same space as a coffee station when they move in!


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