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Three Home Seller Myths You Need to Know

Whenever anyone mentions that they’re thinking of putting their house up for sale, it seems that everyone wants to give their opinions on the subject. Because of that, a lot of myths have developed that seem to go around like the old game of Telephone....

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Top Lifestyle Considerations for Buying a Home

You’re not just buying a house, you’re buying a lifestyle! That means when you’re writing out your list of must have home features and deal breakers, you need to think beyond the “house data” and figure out which features to focus on that will give you the lifestyle...

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Home Buyer Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Whether you're getting married, looking for more space to raise a family, want to stop renting and start investing, or maybe you're looking for a rental property you can make some extra cash on - The reasons people have for wanting to buy a home can vary. However,...

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Property Taxes and how they affect your mortgage.

Harris County Appraisal District has started to mail out Notice of Appraisal Value. So if you are currently a homeowner in Harris County, and are paying a mortgage, this could affect you. Most mortgage payments include your mortgage insurance and property taxes, so if...

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5 reasons why you should use an agent to sell your home:  The sale of your home is one of the biggest financial transactions of your life, and you want to be successful. Here are a few important reasons to hire a professional to work for you: The price is...

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Curb appeal that makes a difference.

Lots of people will be getting ready to change out their landscape soon. Some brightly colored flowers might be nice here, and a few potted plants there … but have you considered creating a landscape that is pollinator friendly? Saving time and money on your landscape...

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